Our Story

My husband Troy originally purchased this property to contribute to the renovations of abandoned and neglected properties in Topeka.  During this time, his father was diagnosed with a terminal illness and passed away. I had also just recently lost my father.

While faced with the loss of loved ones, we thought about how important it was to spend quality time with friends and family. So, with that as our guide, we decided to create a warm and loving environment for our family and others to gather for special events.

As a child, my father was the owner of the Crescent Foundry in Fort Scott, Kansas. We decided in order to be kind to the environment, as well as to provide beautiful visual aesthetics, we would use reclaimed products, including some produced in a foundry, whenever possible in the construction and remodeling of the property. It was in our family history and love of reclaimed and industrial work, that naturally led us to the name…The Foundry.

The most important thing in life is to spend quality time with family and friends and we hope we have created an environment that encourages others to do so.  Our family put a great deal of love and effort into the renovations and we are thrilled to share our venue with others. Thank you to all of our
family and friends for your hard work, love, and support in this effort.


Thank You...

A Special thank you to our three wonderful sons and their families for their labor, love, and support throughout this whole process.

  • Dalan, Malary, Calahan and Nash Pittz
  • Jordan, Katie, Oskar, Charlotte, Nora, Margot and Roland Pittz
  • Collin, Jacci, Cameron, Carter and Claire Pittz

We would also like to acknowledge the following companies and individuals for their hard work in the completion of our project:

The Foundry Event Center
400 SW 33rd St.
Topeka KS 66611